Velyna Morales has been focused on her work since she was a young girl in Lubbock, Texas, eager to head for the big city and a career in fashion. Today she is an accomplished omnichannel retail brand leader with 25 years of progressive success in the luxury and specialty market. She has held senior executive roles for world class fashion brands Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Victoria Secret Direct, as well as vast experience in the e-commerce space. Velyna's love for fashion and all things creative fuel her passion as an advocate and student of the artisan. As CEO of fM fashion Music, she passionately pursues "next generation" retailing.

Jill Lynch, born and raised in California, is a banker turned artisan, turned educator with a passion for creativity in art, specifically music. Inherent is Jill's connection to the music culture and her intuitive skill to identify music with commercial appeal. Jill contributes creative expertise in brand positioning and voice for fM fashion Music.

Brought together through the friendship of their daughters and a long line of unlikely coincidences, Velyna and Jill have continually crossed paths. Velyna, who considers herself a merchant first, had been entrenched in the corporate fashion world in New York City. Armed with experience in the online space and a love of fashion, she believed that the technology existed to deliver a different kind of online shopping experience. Meanwhile Jill was being introduced to the Austin, Texas music scene, vibrant and abundant with talent . Both hungry for the entrepreneurial experience, discussions would drift to work, and over time the idea behind the fM fashion and Music brand was conceived. One could say that fM fashion and Music was many years in the making.